Takeaway: With more and more promising research emerging, ketamine therapy has become more popular in recent years—especially for mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, one of the biggest concerns for people considering this treatment is cost. In California, where ketamine therapy is legal and widely available, the cost can vary depending on a variety of factors. In this post, we’ll explore the average ketamine treatment cost in California and what factors can affect the price.

Ketamine therapy cost for California residents

Cost is often an important factor when people make treatment decisions related to their medical and mental health. Unfortunately, clear answers about the financial investment of these treatments, including ketamine therapy, can be hard to come by.

At the same time, it’s important to understand the financial commitment to expect when making such a significant decision. While each clinic can charge a different price for ketamine-assisted therapy, here’s an estimated cost depending on the type of treatment you receive.

Type of treatment Estimated cost
IV ketamine infusions Ranges from $450-$750 per infusion
Ketamine intranasal sprays Approximately $800 per treatment
Ketamine sublingual tablets Approximately $50-$90 per treatment

These numbers are estimates based on local ketamine treatment clinics. You might pay more or less for your treatment depending on which specific treatment providers you choose to work with. Keep in mind that costs for office visits, medication, and follow-up appointments are typically charged separately.

As providers of ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP) ourselves, we believe in cost transparency and accessibility. At our practice, KAP sessions—including our revolutionary treatment KAPspotting™️—cost $125-$200 per hour.

We’ve also negotiated an affordable rate with our partner medical clinic. The initial consultation, as well as follow-up visits, with a medical provider are $175 each. The ketamine lozenges are $50-$75 for the first prescription, which contains sufficient lozenges for several KAP sessions.  After the follow-up medical consultation, eligible client’s receive a 30-day ketamine lozenge prescription for $75. 

how much does ketamine therapy cost

Factors that influence ketamine treatment cost

While there are no standard guidelines that determine the cost of ketamine therapy, there are several different factors that can influence it. Here are a few of the main elements that can affect how much you ultimately pay for this form of treatment.

Types of ketamine treatments

As you can see, how much ketamine therapy costs depends partly on the route of administration. For example, a single ketamine infusion is often more expensive than a course of treatment with sublingual lozenges. Ketamine infusion cost is usually higher because a medical provider must administer IV ketamine infusions and monitor your vital signs the whole time, while lozenges can be self-administered.

You and your treatment provider will work together to determine which form of ketamine therapy will be most beneficial for you. You’ll review your medical and mental health history, and your doctor will create a treatment plan that’s best suited to your needs.

Medical or mental health issue being treated

Ketamine cost also depends on what you need them for. Currently, this form of treatment is being used effectively with a number of different conditions, including mental health issues like depression, as well as medical problems like chronic pain and migraine headaches.

Oftentimes, the cost of ketamine for depression (and other mental health issues) is less than the cost of treatment for medical issues. For example, a chronic pain protocol involves using dosing strategies that are different from mental health treatment protocols.

How long treatments last

The length of treatment is another important variable in ketamine cost. Research shows that people have found relief from mental health symptoms with a single infusion. Other people, such as those with complex psychiatric symptoms, may need multiple treatments. Others may choose to seek maintenance treatment to continue seeing the positive effects. This could include one maintenance infusion or multiple.

While ketamine therapy is effective for many people, each person responds differently. Your providers will create a treatment plan that’s tailored to you, and they’ll follow up with you after each treatment to monitor how you respond.

Does insurance cover ketamine infusions and other types of ketamine treatment?

Currently, insurance does not cover most psychedelic therapy, including IV ketamine infusions and oral lozenges. Ketamine has been safely used for decades as a surgical drug and there is a significant body of research that demonstrates how effective ketamine therapy is. However, it’s considered “off-label” when used to treat pain and mental health issues, so insurance companies won’t cover it.

Intranasal ketamine spray has, however, gained FDA approval for the treatment of depression. Therefore, your insurance provider may cover it. It’s best to check the details of your specific insurance plan to make sure.

Even though insurance won’t cover lozenges or intramuscular injections, you may be able to use your insurance benefits or HSA account to help pay for the office visits associated with your treatment. Additionally, some clinics offer payment plans to help make treatment accessible to more people.

While it’s frustrating that insurance doesn’t cover most ketamine treatments, there are benefits to getting treatment without involving your insurance company. It gives you the freedom to work directly with your providers to create a treatment plan that’s tailored to you, not restricted by what your insurance plan will or will not cover.ketamine therapy cost

How much is ketamine therapy worth to you?

Unfortunately, finances can be a barrier to some people getting the support they need and deserve. However, if you’re willing and able to make the investment, we highly recommend trying ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, especially if traditional treatments haven’t worked well for you.

Ketamine is considered a breakthrough treatment for depression by the FDA, meaning that it’s been shown to offer people substantial improvement, especially when compared to the other treatment options that are currently available.

At our clinic, we offer an innovative approach that combines ketamine therapy with brainspotting, a powerful psychotherapy treatment for trauma and other mental health conditions. Our clients have seen incredible results with our KAPspotting™️ method.

Reaching out for help is vulnerable, especially when other mental health treatments have failed you. However, ketamine-assisted therapy has been life-changing for so many people. If you’re ready for a new approach to your mental health and well-being, we encourage you to consider it.

Find relief fast with ketamine therapy in California.

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