Why Brainspotting(R)?

The innovative therapy that pushes the frontiers of trauma healing


What is brainspotting?

It is a revolutionary brain-based psychotherapy developed by Dr. David Grand in 2003. This powerful, focused therapy taps into deep regions of the brain where traumatic memories are stored. Brainspotting correlates to your field of vision. Your clinician will work with you to find brainspots, which are certain eye positions that, once identified, can be engaged to process and release traumatic memories.

Your clinician will guide you with a pointer, slowly moving it to various spots in your line of sight. Once you or your clinician notice that a certain spot causes a reaction in you—physical or internal—you will maintain eye fixation there. What’s called “activation” then begins. This is essentially a discharge of traumatic memories and other negative emotions. This is neuroplasticity.

Brainspotting was used in treating individuals affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012. It was found to be the most effective treatment by Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, Inc. The report can be found here. Additional studies can be found at www.brainspotting.com, as well as a plethora of reports and other resources.

The effects we’ve observed in clients after brainspotting have been dramatically positive. Many clients have shared that their experience with this innovative therapy as truly life-changing.

“Where you look affects how you feel.”

~ David Grand, PhD


What People Say

“You have helped me truly discover my happiness, and despite how terrifying this trauma journey can be, I’m getting closer to healing my soul, a spiritual peace, and finally some redemption… and it’s not even about me anymore.” 


Patient , 1/2023

“Thank you so very much Dr. Bautista, for everything you have done for my wife and me! The journey continues to be an amazing and beautiful one. I can honestly say I have never in my life felt the way that I do now. We could not have done this without your help. You are an amazing and gifted person. Please never forget that.”


Patient , 5/2022

“I could not help but reflect on this time, one year ago – when I could not even pick up the phone by myself – and you decided to pull me back out of work for another while. So here I am now, solving problems at work without any angst! Thank YOU! I could never have done this without you.”  


Patient , 1/2023

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