Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting Training
for Therapists and Clinicians

Equipping therapists with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to integrate Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting and Psychotherapy into their practice


What if you could offer your clients a transformative therapy that brings about rapid and profound healing?

A therapy that reignites your passions as a practitioner and helps your business thrive.

At KAP Wellness, we support therapists to integrate Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting techniques for the ultimate breakthrough in trauma healing. 

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond clinical training. We provide a roadmap for seamlessly integrating KAB (Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting) into your practice and redefining your business model for the modern wellness landscape.

Discover how to elevate your practice and help your clients achieve rapid recovery like never before.

Transform Your Practice, Transform Lives



Experience the joy of witnessing your clients overcome their struggles faster than ever before, fostering deep, transformative healing that traditional methods can't match.



Reignite your love for your practice by embracing innovative techniques that not only enhance client outcomes but also rekindle your enthusiasm and commitment to mental health care.



Gain confidence and clarity as you transition to new approaches with the backing of experienced professionals, ensuring a smooth integration into your practice for lasting success.

The Power Of Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting (KAB)

KAB is the pairing of two revolutionary therapies – Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Brainspotting.

On their own, each is a powerful tool to help your clients, but together they create the ultimate breakthrough in trauma healing.

Understandably, the thought of incorporating ketamine assisted therapy into your practice might raise some questions and concerns.

It’s a step into new territory, but you’re not taking it alone.


Hi, I’m Dr. Nicolette Bautista.

Founder and developer of the
Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting technique.

When I came across Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in early 2019, I felt completely blown away.

The research was so compelling that I knew I had to be part of this movement.

It made me feel as excited and on fire as when I first discovered Brainspotting and became certified in 2016.

Everything changed.

Bringing together Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Brainspotting has taken my practice to the next level. I’ve seen clients respond in ways and at a speed I never could have imagined. It’s reignited the love I have for being a therapist.

Talk therapy has its place, but it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with clients who are stuck in their trauma. I get it – it’s easy to lose passion for the essential work we do when we feel like we’re not making a difference.

Along the way to developing KAB, I had to learn everything from A-Z.

Everything from the clinical protocols to use with my clients to how to reorganize my appointment calendar and who I needed on my team to make this safe and effective for my clients.

Luckily, I documented everything, so you don’t need to take the same lengthy journey that I had to.

The KAP Wellness comprehensive approach goes beyond clinical training. It provides a roadmap for seamlessly and safely integrating ketamine and KAB into your practice and redefining your business model for the modern wellness landscape.

So you can watch your clients recover faster and respond to therapy more comfortably, and do this with the support you deserve as a therapist.

  • Licensed clinical psychologist
  • 25 years in mental health field, as clinician and CEO of domestic violence agencies/Rape Crisis Center
  • PsyD, Clinical Psychology (California School of Professional Psychology)
  • MA, clinical psychologist (California School of Professional Psychology)
  • Master’s of Business Administration (University of Wisconsin)
  • Certified Brainspotter
  • Certified Brainspotter Consultant
  • Trained Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy provider

Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting (KAB) Group Training

Integrate Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting Into Your Practice

Safely integrate Ketamine and KAB into your practice and redefine your business model for the modern wellness landscape.

  • – What is KAB, and how do I integrate it into my therapy practice?
  • – What are the KAB protocols I need to help my clients?
  • – What is ketamine, and how does it work?
  • – What are the different options for ketamine prescribers?
  • – How do I restructure my work processes to make this work for me?
  • – How do I market my practice as using KAB and ketamine?
  • – What do I do when Google refuses my ad because of the word “ketamine”?!
  • – And it gives you the opportunity to ask your questions and get expert answers.

Date: Coming Soon
Venue: Online
Time: 9-5 PST (Full-day Training)
Nicolette Bautista, PsyD, MBA
Mickey Heyer, MD, Anesthesiologist 
Digital Marketing & Legal Guests

This one-day virtual training gives you a deep dive into KAB ™. We’ll cover everything you need to know.

KAP and KAB Support and Guidance Group

  • Monthly online community 
  • Talk through tough cases
  • Keep updated with developments in the field
  • Get support from KAP-experienced clinicians. 
  • Groups limited to ** (number)

Working with cutting-edge therapy can be isolating. Especially when you’re seeing stunning observations and never-before-seen client experiences. 

So, we’ve established the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting support and guidance group for any therapist or clinician who’s using Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in their practice. 

The KAP and KAB Support and Guidance Group gives you the confidence and support you need to help your clients thrive.

Each month we meet for 90 minutes online. Each support session is recorded, so you can still get the benefit of our experiences if you can’t attend. 

Groups limited to 6
Groups are 90 minutes
Monthly membership: $150

KAB One-On-One Clinical & Business Training

This is your chance to get your questions answered, boost your confidence and feel supported by the most experienced KAB practitioner.

Your one-on-one session gives you one hour with Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting developer and KAP Wellness founder Dr Nicolette Bautista. 

Whether it’s discussing challenging client cases, or starting, managing, operating or navigating a KAP business, the focus is on what you need to be successful and confident.

60-minute one-on-one session $ 250

KAP Wellness Affiliate Program

Add Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting into your practice, see the transformation in your clients and grow a thriving business.

Joining our affiliate program gives you the roadmap to effectively and efficiently navigate the KAP private practice space and avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

By partnering with us, you get the opportunity to license the KAP Wellness concept, brand and trademark, working independently but under the KAP Wellness marketing umbrella. 

We’ll support you with step-by-step instructions and processes to start your very own KAB practice. Including processes and procedures, forms, screening processes, consent documents and protocols. We’ll also give you independent insights into the different Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training opportunities and how to choose the right one for you.

Save time, money and effort and streamline your client and business success.

Creative Interventions in KAP

Coming soon!

Be willing to explore your creative side that enhances the science. We will discuss where to begin and explore novel interventions to help clients move through and get unstuck. Step into new possibilities!

Presented by Carolin Gardner, LMFT, LPCC

The science is an important part of how and why we do therapy. Interventions are rooted in research and proven efficacy. But what happens when never-before-experienced moments that need attention are outside the scientific framework? Therapy should be part scientific and part creative. How you blend these two makes you who you are as a therapist. 

Who can attend your training, and other questions you may have

Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting (KAB) training and support is perfect for therapists or clinicians who know or are learning Brainspotting and want to start using ketamine in their practice. It’s not essential to have certifications in these fields before coming to our training. Our training is also suitable for any clinician who is working with ketamine.

Ketamine Assisted Brainspotting (KAB)  is a combination of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Brainspotting therapy techniques that have been developed by Dr Nicolette Bautista. Learn more about KAB here

No. Our training is all online and suitable for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Intake consultations and sessions for KAP and KAB are being billed to insurance, like brainspotting or talk therapy sessions. So, you should be able to offer them as part of your insurance-based private practice.

Clients can expect a range of experiences and benefits, including:

– Rapid reduction or remission of depression and anxiety symptoms
– Profound ability to put trauma in the past and move towards peace
– Enlightened resolution of past regrets
– Notable shifts in self-perception, relationships, and worldview
– Decrease in negative or obsessive thoughts
– Increased self-acceptance and self-compassion
– Increased creativity and cognitive flexibility
– Relaxation, decreased need for control, openness to experience
– A broader outlook on challenging situations and problems
– Reduction of fear and disruption of painful memories
– Improved neuroplasticity and nerve regeneration
– Improved ability to experience happiness and pleasure
– Reduction of avoidance behaviors
– The potential to have a spiritual or transcendental experience

Join our free 90-minute webinar to explore the groundbreaking integration of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and Brainspotting.

Learn from a pioneering psychologist how to enhance your therapeutic practice with these innovative techniques, offering faster and deeper healing for your clients.

Discover the synergy that can transform your approach to therapy.


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