Hourly rates vary by clinician, reflected below

Intake Sessions
Minor – 60-minute session $125/hr - $200/hr
Adult – 90-minute session $187.50 - $300
Ketamine Treatment
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy & Brainspotting – charged by the hour and each session is 2 hours in length. Integration may be a part of the 2-hour session. Ketamine works best in a series up to 6 sessions, however the number of sessions depends on the client’s needs. $125/hr - $200/hr ($250 - $400 per session)
At-Home Treatment Plan – This option can be discussed with your therapist after at least 6 in-office sessions have been completed. Depends on # of Sessions
Couples KAP $150/hr - $200/hr
Group KAP– This includes 1 – 30-minute intake, 2 - 90 min prep sessions, 3 – 3-hour KAP sessions, 3 – 90-minute group integration (Zoom), and 1 – 1 hour follow up after a month. (Total of 18 hours of therapy) $1700 ($94/hr)
Talk Therapy (without ketamine) – charged hourly and timeframe is dependent on specific needs of client. These are also offered when clients need more integration after ketamine sessions. $125/hr - $200/hr
Medical Consultation and Prescription – consultation with a board-certified medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse practitioner $175
Ketamine Lozenge Prescription - sufficient for 6 to 8 sessions, depending on optimal dosage requirements $150
Follow-up Consultation (virtual) Dependent on provider
Ketamine Lozenge Prescription Refill) $150