Hourly rates vary by clinician, reflected below


Intake Session 60 minutes (minor)
90 minutes (adult)
$125 -$200
$187 - $300
Brainspotting or psychotherapy (EMDR, CBT, Grief, Mindfulness) 60 minutes (minor)
90 minutes (adult)
$125 -$200
$187 - $300

(Fees vary by clinician. Experienced pre-licensed clinicians are supervised by Dr. Bautista)


Trial Packages FEE
Trial Plan
If you are interested in KAP but are not sure if it is for you, we offer a two-session trial, which does benefit your brain. You may experience a higher dose KAP session and a tailored-dose KAPspotting session.
If you wish to continue treatment after the Trial, we will pro-rate your payment towards a Standard Treatment Plan.
4 hours
$125/hr - $200/hr
Standard Treatment Plan
Our standard treatment planfollows the Ketamine Research Foundation’s research protocol. Treatment goals developed at Intake session. During the first KAP session, the optimum lozenge dosage is determined. For Treatment Resistant Depression, 6 KAP sessions in 2 weeks are recommended.
  • - Intake Session, 90 minutes
  • - 7 KAP sessions, 2 – 2 ½ hours per session
  • - Progress Review, 1 hour

Total Treatment Time:16.5 – 20 hours
$2062 – $3500

fee range represents difference in KAP hours and clinician experience, charged at $125 - $175/hour

At-Home Treatment Plan
Our at-home treatment plan is for clients who have completed the standard treatment plan but may need additional sessions. At-home treatment requires safety protocols, as well as brief pre-and post-contact with a treating therapist.
  • Treatment planning session, 30 minutes
  • 6 at-home sessions, with pre an post-check-in
  • Mid-treatment integration session, 30 minutes
Total time with therapist:
2.0 hours, $250 – 350
IV Preparation and IV Integration Sessions
For clients receiving Ketamine IV Infusions at an IV medical clinic. A therapist prepares you for the IV experience, helps you set intentions, and integrate the experience after IV treatment. Sessions are 60 minutes.
$125 – 200
Couples KAP $125/hr – $200/hr
Group KAP (each series totals 18.5 hours)
1 Intake, 1 preparatory, 4 dosing, 4 integration sessions
$125/hr ($2312.50 for series)

Medical Consultation & Prescription

Standard Treatment Plan FEE
Consultation with Klearmind Clinic board-certified Medical Doctor
Virtual consultations. Fees paid directly to medical doctor’s clinic.
Ketamine Lozenge Prescription
(Sufficient for 6 to 8 sessions, depending on optimal dosage requirements)
Follow-up Consultation (virtual)
No Fee
Ketamine Lozenge Prescription Refill