Couples KAP is ideal for struggling couples committed to staying together. During a couple’s session, both partners take a calibrated dose of ketamine lozenge. As partners enter a deeply relaxed state, stress, and anxiety melt, allowing couples to share and receive feedback more openly. Partners become a more open vessel; walls and protective shields developed over the years diminish. Couples discuss old wounds and resentments differently, without defenses or judgment. After sessions, couples report:

  • Relationship satisfaction improves.
  • Communication improves.
  • Relational empathy increases
  • Increase in personal growth.
  • Reduction in stress


Each partner will be referred to our partnering medical doctors for a consultation. The doctor will prescribe ketamine lozenges if it is deemed clinically appropriate. The medical consultation is
paid directly to the doctors’ clinic, separate from KAP Wellness. The consultation costs $175, and the ketamine prescription is $75.