Melissa Hopper, APCC

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Melissa Hopper, APCC
Meet Melissa, an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor committed to fostering healing and support for individuals navigating intricate mental health challenges. Armed with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Melissa has honed her skills through a rich tapestry of experiences across various settings.

Her professional journey has woven through community care, Residential Treatment, and service within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Melissa’s focus extends to handling intricate cases, including those dealing with Severe Mental Illness (SMI), Veterans combating Trauma, PTSD, Personality Disorders, and profound grief and loss.

A compassionate practitioner, Melissa finds profound satisfaction in working with clients who’ve yet to discover healing for severe trauma and grief. Her proficiency in Brainspotting, acquired during Phases 1 and 2 training, enhances her ability to guide clients through the intricate layers of their experiences.

Melissa’s therapeutic approach is eclectic, rooted in a person-centered, value-based model. Drawing from various methodologies such as ACT, CBT, PCT, and DBT, she tailors her strategies to meet the unique needs of each individual. Melissa has delved into the realm of Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy, showcasing her commitment to innovative avenues for healing. Her success in guiding clients using ketamine demonstrates her dedication to exploring cutting-edge treatments.

Melissa is one of the few clinicians who has practiced ketamine-assisted brainspotting, combining Ketamine with Brainspotting. This experience makes Melissa a perfect addition to KAP Wellness.

Beyond her professional commitments, Melissa calls Northern California home, where she resides with her spouse and two children. During her downtime, you’ll likely find her unwinding with a Starbucks in hand, immersed in the pulsating beats of EDM, or enjoying the timeless saga of Star Wars. Melissa’s commitment to mental health and her vibrant personality makes her a guiding force in the journey toward healing and self-discovery.