Group KAP

Groups forming now!

Learning and growing together through shared experiences can facilitate healing in novel and unexpected ways in Group KAP. Being in a group offers a sense of community, connection, and support that can enhance the benefits of ketamine-assisted introspection. While group KAP is not a replacement for individual therapy, it can improve and accelerate your personal therapy goals. In Group KAP, the same members participate every time. The group series will include preparation sessions, ketamine dosing sessions, and integration sessions.

Each member will be referred to our partnering medical doctors, who will prescribe ketamine tablets if deemed clinically appropriate. We cannot guarantee that it will be clinically relevant for each interested member. We can discuss general counter-indications to determine if you are a suitable candidate. The medical consultation is paid directly to the doctors’ clinic, separate from KAP Wellness. The consultation costs $200, and the ketamine prescription is $75.